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Members of the Judicial Council heard from two bishops, two young adults, and four other clergy and laity during a two-hour opening hearing May 22. more

A Way Forward

Sometimes, Cynthia B. Astle's Southern heritage just wins out when it comes to considering events in religion news. more

Views from a Ridge

United Methodists hold varied definitions of what “unity” means, the Rev. Jeremy Smith finds stark contrasts in what these various definitions of unity look like. more

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The Rev. H. A. "Bud" Tillinghast finds that recent scholarship on early Christianity and its defiance of the Roman Empire holds wisdom to confront the dominance issue coming before the 2019 General Conference. more

A Way Forward

The Rev. F. Richard Garland finds the atmosphere now abroad in The United Methodist Church reminds him of the "spirit of inquisition" against which author Kathleen Norris warns. more

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Bishops clarify statement on Commission on a Way Forward recommendation more

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Could The United Methodist Church avoid schism if it moves away from polarized positions and focuses instead on one thing on which all can agree? asks the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas. more

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The Judicial Council, the denomination's "high court," has been asked by the Council of Bishops to determine whether petitions from other groups can be considered at the 2019 Special General Conference on unity. more

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An incoming clergywoman questions The United Methodist Church about what her future might hold in light of the rejection of two amendments on women's equality. more

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Jennifer Ferariza-Meneses, executive of women's work for the Philippines Central Conference, says that women have learned "the value and importance of collective action and shared leadership and service." more


A decision to charge $200-per-person registration fees for the 2019 General Conference is already having the opposite effect of what the General Conference Commission intended. more

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How to pay for the 2019 Special General Conference – and how to tone down the anger and mistrust of previous sessions – has challenged the agency charged with running the church-wide policy-making assembly. more

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Bishops, especially Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Conference, are giving different accounts of what the Council of Bishops voted to forward to the 2019 General Conference. more

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This week the Wesley Bros reminds us of the splendid line of women who have helped to spread the Methodist movement despite the many roadblocks the church has placed in their way. more

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It's time to "call BS" on the false narratives making their way around The United Methodist Church, writes Cynthia B. Astle. more

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Applications by individuals related to unofficial groups seeking to be "interested parties" to the Council of Bishops' request were denied by the Judicial Council, which instead will view them as "friend of the court" briefs. more

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As it struggles to find a path into its future, The United Methodist Church needs to confront its history of bigotry based on while male supremacy if it wishes to call itself truly Wesleyan, writes the Rev. B. Kevin Smalls. more

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A battle of competing agendas for the 2019 Special General Conference is coming before the United Methodist Judicial Council, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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A new ballot on Amendment 1, which failed by half a percentage point of passing, is to be sent out because of an error in the text, says the secretary of the General Conference. more

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