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United Methodist layman Frank Holbrook thinks some good can come from the 2020 General Conference if delegates take the opportunity to ponder questions about the nature of the UMC's life together. Read more

UMC Future

General Societies

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A laity-led spiritual renewal weekend prompts the Rev. Morgan Guyton to ask why the time-honored Methodist tradition of "being perfected in love" isn't sufficient for the church's core theology. Read more


Disaffiliation, proposed changes regarding sexuality and discontent among LGBTQ+ students at Duke Divinity School mark the latest happenings in the UMC struggle. Read more

Views from a Ridge

The Rev. Stan Copeland contends that United Methodist centrists are those who don't want to see the denomination split, and who hold out the promise of church unity through their welcome of many perspectives. Read more

UMC Future

World Map

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In his third installment, Dr. David W. Scott assesses The United Methodist Church's ability to respond to the crisis it now faces. Read more

UMC Future

Both sides in the debate over The United Methodist Church's future have forsaken the core truth of the gospel, that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose for all, writes the Rev. Dr. Christopher Momany. Read more

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General and Jurisdictional delegates from the North Central Jurisdiction have joined other U.S. United Methodists in calling for a moratorium on clergy charges and trials on issues related to anti-LGBTQ stances. Read more

UMC Future

One way or another, the Wesleyan Covenant Association plans to withdraw from The United Methodist Church and set up its own traditionalist denomination, say leaders of its fourth global gathering. Read more

UMC Future

The Wesley Bros are pondering the Grinch-like effect of the UMC's turmoils on this year's giving campaigns in local churches. Read more

UMC Future

The idea for a pre-conference orientation for Central Conference clergy and lay delegates originated with the General Secretaries Table (a group of chief executives of denominational agencies). Read more

2020 General Conference

The new pre-General Conference orientation session for Central Conference delegates is a highly laudable addition, but it may be too late to counteract similar past efforts by traditionalist forces, writes Cynthia B. Astle Read more

Views from a Ridge

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith traces the history of conservative forces in The United Methodist Church that have led to the creation of the schismatic Wesleyan Covenant Association. Read more

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The Wesleyan Covenant Association's 50-plus-page document has been drafted by a 16-member committee and edited by its 34-member governing council. Read more

UMC Future

Philadelphia Area Bishop Peggy A. Johnson has joined with others among her episcopal colleagues in asserting she will not forward any homosexuality complaints to church trials. Read more

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So who profits in a UMC split of some sort? The Evangelicals. The UMC is ripe for the pickings because of the fragile nature of our connection and the massive underlying financial assets. Read more

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The Rev. Darren Cushman Wood, one of the 12 original drafters of the Indianapolis Plan, examines the perspectives behind his group's proposal for the UMC's future. Read more

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Unlike other analyses looking at specific plans, Uniting Methodists has taken a bird's-eye view of the implications and potential drawbacks of most of the future proposals. Read more

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United Methodist layman Edmund Baird of Virginia has scrutinized all the future proposals for the UMC and synthesized an approach based on its mission statement as the template for choosing a way forward. Read more

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Commentators around the UMC are looking into the various plans for the denomination's future, while the Western Jurisdiction means business about its "Safe Harbor" project. Read more

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