UMC future

Uniting Methodists, an ad hoc advocacy group, explains its support for two-church plan proposed by leaders of the UMC-Next movement. Read more

UMC Future

After the special 2019 General Conference, Norway United Methodists determined they wanted a decision-making process that would include and respect all views, writes the Rev. Knut Refsdal. Read more

Global Nature

The Rev. Dr. Mark R. Holland of Mainstream UMC explores past actions of traditionalist/conservative forces in the church that he believes led to evidence of voter fraud at the 2019 special General Conference. Read more


The Rev. Morgan Guyton thinks it's time for United Methodism to divide for the sake of its mission in the world. Read more

Perspectives 5 Comments

The revered author of Disciple Bible Study pleads with United Methodists not to divide the denomination over misunderstand biblical passages about homosexuality. Read more

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United Methodist bishops and the denomination's financial agency are responding swiftly to the request for action after the discovery of fraudulent voting at the special 2019 General Conference. Read more

General Conference 2019

Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global recommends watching a Norwegian scholar's presentation to understand the views of European United Methodists about the results of the 2018 General Conference. Read more


The Connectional Table has launched Emerging, a digital collection of essays, articles and other content discussing what may be taking shape in the life of the UMC connection as a result of the outcome of the 2019 General Conference. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. William B. Lawrence, past president of the Judicial Council, shows how actions of the 2019 General Conference violated not only United Methodism's highest laws, but also its greatest theology of God's grace. Read more

Perspectives 3 Comments

A welter of "plans" for somehow dividing The United Methodist Church along lines of LGBTQ+ acceptance now face the denomination. Read more

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William B. Lawrence

Hillsman Stuart Jackson

The Rev. William B. Lawrence, past president of the Judicial Council, contends that the Commission on General Conference shouldn't have considered allegations of GC2019 voter fraud behind closed doors. Read more

General Conference 2019

With thorough research, Dr. David W. Scott finds that WCA’s offer to save endangered Central Conference ministries may sound great, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money funneled through official UMC channels. Read more

Global Nature 4 Comments

A Dallas reader takes issue with the continued support for the One Church concept now that a practical approach for separation has emerged. Read more

Perspectives 7 Comments

The Rev. Sky McCracken points out that the Indianapolis Plan operates on an assumption that local congregations are of one mind on LGBTQ acceptance. They aren't, and many won't want to vote lest they threaten church unity. Read more

Perspectives 12 Comments

An ad hoc group has come up with a proposal to separate The United Methodist Church into two denominations based on their respective stances regarding the acceptance of homosexual practice. Read more

UMC Future 21 Comments

New revelations of vote tampering at the 2019 General Conference prompt the Rev. Jeremy Smith to call once more for auditing annual conference membership counts. Read more

Jeremy Smith 4 Comments

Longtime civil and humans activist the Rev. Gilbert Caldwell finds opportunities and cautions in a recent letter to dissidents from President Timothy C. Tennent of Asbury Theological Seminary. Read more

Perspectives 9 Comments

Mainstream UMC's final survey report finds areas of agreement among traditionalists, progressives and centrists. Read more

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