Bishop Rules 2 LGBTQ Clergy Candidates Ineligible



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Bishop of Color Upholds Biggotry

And what would this particular bishop's response have been, once upon a time, when she herself would have been denied ordination due to her skin color or gender?

What incredible hypocrisy!

Ben more than 3 years ago

AT Least this bishop

Has a little respect for Methodist ways, even though disagreeing. So many have been deceived on sexuality. One day the present life will be over. What will they do then? It's not too late to turn back to God.

Skipper more than 3 years ago

The acceptance of same sex marriage

While churches are not expected to base their doctrines on popularity, it is instructive to note a Gallup poll taken last month. Those who oppose same sex marriage have fallen to 31% while those who favor it have now reached 67%. This may prove an obstacle to UMC growth in the US.

David more than 3 years ago

UMC BoD endorses civil unions IMO.

My interpretation is that the paragraph below is essentially an endorsement of civil unions. I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of GC delegates are in the 67%. It would be weird to have voted for 162.J and not answer that you support same sex marriage when you support civil unions. I think one would answer the intent of the survey question.

162.J) Equal Rights Regardless of Sexual Orientation—Certain basic human rights and civil liberties are due all persons. We are committed to supporting those rights and liberties for all persons, regardless of sexual orientation. We see a clear issue of simple justice in protecting the rightful claims where people have shared material resources, pensions, guardian relationships, mutual powers of attorney, and other such lawful claims typically attendant to contractual relationships that involve shared contributions, responsibilities, and liabilities, and equal protection before the law. Moreover, we support efforts to stop violence and other forms of coercion against all persons, regardless of sexual orientation.

Chad more than 3 years ago


Greater New Jersey Conference petitioned the 2016 GC to add "civil marriage" and "civil unions" in 162.J following "mutual powers of attorney." They weren't added, so it's a bit of a stretch to infer the inclusion of something so obviously not added. Even if civil unions were added, they're not synonymous with sacred marriages. To support one and not the other is no more "weird" than to declare both that "homosexual persons are of sacred worth" and that the "PRACTICE of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching."

John more than 3 years ago


I agree that GC would not want to add 'civil union' especially after the case was already decided. It doesn't add anything. GC supports the rights that are involved in civil unions. Civil unions are not synonymous with marriage. The rights under both from the government are the same. That's at least the way I've looked at it. In a perfect world, we would all get civil unions from the government and the church would give out marriages. I view it as a little impractical to go back and do it that way. It's not weird to support civil unions but not Christian marriage for gays. What would be weird is to support civil unions but then answer on a survey that you don't support same sex marriage which is essentially the same thing. I don't think most people get into the definitions as much as this conversation. In general, I think the current BoD social policies show a lot of thought about very minute details that aren't reflected in a general poll survey of Americans. IMO.

Chad more than 3 years ago

Very Methodist position

"I have encountered those who state that they simply want to follow the Book of Discipline, they disparage those who won’t follow it, and criticize leaders who stray from it. And yet, when you ask them what they will do when the Book of Discipline changes, they state emphatically that they will leave. So, for them it cannot be about the Book of Discipline. I believe the Book of Discipline is wrong, and I have remained. I love this denomination, warts and all. My parents remained through the Central Jurisdiction. My mother remained although when she first felt called into ministry, there was no place for her here. She remained until she could find both her voice and her credentialing to preach."
This is how a Methodist argues! No one has come to me with a compelling reason to affirm and model homosexuality. I believe the people she is referring believe it comes down to the Bible. I think the Bible makes a lot of good points about what one should do when one does or doesn't think an act is sinful. Love God and love others are the primary commandments.

Chad more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes

     "Clergy have been preparing and have prepared to offer pastoral care for women since before SB 8 went into effect. While it was jarring, and it has created a sense of hostility and fear, it doesn’t change what progressive people of faith have been doing."

— Rev. Erika Forbes on faith leaders' reactions to Texas’ restrictive abortion law.

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