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Will the real United Methodist please stand up?

The United Methodist Church has now officially produced three different understandings re. what we should believe about marriage: it is reserved for one man, one woman; it is for any two committed adults; it really does not matter. There is no middle ground in these three totally different views of how The UMC can move into the future! I have recently committed to spending every morning and every evening with John Wesley's "A Collection of Forms of Prayer For every Day In The Week". This statement in the prayer for Thursday morning caught my attention: "Be gracious to the holy catholic Church; and grant she may always preserve that doctrine and discipline which thou has delivered to her." Wesley did not re-invent Christianity for his day and time; his understanding was firmly rooted in historic Christianity--he did not believe there was a "new and improved" version to be had. Here's another way to understand the divide currently besetting the UMC: Either you believe that a single set of beliefs has been delivered to The Church that applies to all people all the time or you believe that doctrine fluctuates with time. I can recommend this set of prayers as a catechism of what Wesley really believed about God and his creation. Charles Wesley sang a robust theology into the early Methodists while John Wesley literally prayed it into them and at the heart of their doctrine/understanding/beleifs was the perfection of the triune God and the brokenness of humanity.

And from a more pragmatic perspective, there is the grim reality that there is not one American Mainline Protestant denomination that has successfully navigated the sexuality/marriage question by straddling the fence. What makes anybody think that United Methodists are capable of doing any better?

Betsy more than 4 years ago

Yet More Divisive Speech

A centrist, I cannot support this compromise solution to homosexuality.

Given our current approach is one that legalizes hatred and bigotry, we cannot allow permit any of our churches to deny rights to the LGBT community. Hatred and bigotry have no place in UMC.

Ben more than 4 years ago

Middle Ground?

Uniting Methodists touts itself as a part of our church where those who favor same sex marriage and those who oppose it are able to live together in harmony. There are 23 members of Uniting Methodists Leadership Team listed on its website. Are there any of them who have publicly stated they believe same sex marriage is contrary to God's will? If not-and I strongly believe that none have-then this organization will inevitably become hostile to orthodox/traditionalist United Methodists.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

theenemyhatesclarity more than 4 years ago

Just like a bad penny...

Hamilton and Slaughter keep bringing up this same tired fake "compromise" that has been repeatedly vetoed at General Conference. It is bizarre that they vainly try to claim to be centrists when, in reality, the true centrists are those that agree with and adhere to the positions affirmed repeatedly at General Conference. Hamilton, in particular, though a centrist many years ago, has been moving so far to the left in recent years that he really needs to do some soul-searching if he truly doesn't recognize that he no longer represents the center of the UMC.

Paul W. more than 4 years ago

"Denominational Divorce" is not your future...

Denominational DEPARTURE is your future.. Study the demise of the Episcopal church since they drank the liberal PC kool-aid. Methodist churches are already voicing their desire to split. People like me are just tired of the fight and the subject and I will worship at my local golf course where the rules are firm and fixed and we are not confused about anything.

Reese Turner more than 4 years ago

Notable Quotes

Jon Meacham"The call of the gospel, the call of the Hebrew Bible, is to love God, to love your neighbor as yourself. That is the threshold of both our religious experience and our democratic one — lowercase d. If we do not see each other as neighbors — as opposed to adversaries — then democracy doesn't work."

– Jon Meacham, author and Canon Historian of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

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