Alternative United Methodist Structure Unveiled

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Vital Congregations

I am a U.M. pastor, ordained elder, in the East Ohio Conference.
Last Fall, our congregations were directed to fill out the Vital Congregations forms - during Charge Conference season. Not only the timing was bad, but the whole endeavor seemed ill-conceived and authoritarian. There was no review ahead of time; there was no workshop gathering thoughts as to its structure or implementation. There it was, imposed from the top.

I wrote a response to matter as my report which I hand-carried to my district office. Thus far, there has been no reply.
Would you be interested in my response to Vital Congregations?

- James Ellison, Ph.D.; Pastor of Oberlin First United Methodist Church

James Ellison more than 10 years ago

Alternative United Methodist Structure Unveiled

PLEASE, let's change the name of this plan. "Call to Action" as a name, does have some punch. We need punch. Badly, and pretty quickly, so that people's curiosity will be triggered and they'll take a good look.
It's a better, more equitable and MUCH more understandable plan. How about:
Looking Forward
Answering Jesus' Call
Seeking a Godly Future
A Just Church
Justice, Peace and Love
Walking Forward ( . .with Jesus)
Walking Together ( . .Toward the Kingdom, . .Toward God's Church)
These are not perfect, but they may make you think of the name that is. Please, let's get it changed, so we can talk about it by name.

Anne Ewing more than 10 years ago

Alternative UM Structure Unveiled

We have GOT to improve this title. The name Call to Action, however misleading I think it, does have some punch. Any revision of the UMC is so broad, cumbersome and fraught with details almost no one knows about that you need a good name to set the readers on fire. We still have time to change the name, but it's short; what to name it? :
New Beginnings?
Onward United Methodists?
Jesus Calls, Wesleyans Answer?
Finding the Spirit?
Seeking the Spirit?
Opening the Church: Hope and Love?
These are just a few ideas, one quite making it. what do you think, and how can we do this fast?

Anne Ewing more than 10 years ago

General Conference

Let's Remember the People who are Methodist outside The USA and We Need A Top Area designated and not collasped into the others for THe Young Adults & Youth G eneral Division For Youth & Young Adults.

Also for Missions

Darlene A. Moore more than 10 years ago