What the Bishops Endorsed for New UMC Structure

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Call to Action

I have read with interest the proposed changes for our church, but i have to wonder if reviving and giving focus to our wesleyan tradition/heritage is one of the concern of these changes. Wesleyan thoughts are rarely emphasized in our seminaries, only those who majors on it are privileged to have an in-dept learning about it. i think as a church, we have strayed too much from our wesleyan heritage that's why we've lost the vitality & true spirit of a true methodist'.

Rev. Roland G. Annaguey more than 10 years ago

Call to Action

Has any research been done of the disposition of agency properties if the Call to Action is enacted? With $60 million less, that means staff, supplies and space would drastically be reduced. Some of our general church properties are historic, strategic located and almost priceless, such as the UM Building in Washington, DC.

Dan Gangler more than 10 years ago