'Clarity' in the UMC: a Necessity or a Tool for Takeover?



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Power is the game

Rev. Rushing is describing specific petitions that would cause us, if passed at General Conference, to do what the Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Missouri Lutheran denominations have done: split along lines of theological purity. All of those denominations suffer because of their respective splits. Rev. Rushing is trying to keep us from the same mistake. God's grace is for all, not just for those who thin they have it.

Jerry Eckert more than 5 years ago

Very interesting

It appears these proposals and others like them amount to nothing less than an attempt to codify right-wing power and control by enforcing political correctness. The last two words in the first sentence may appear confusing to those whose concept of the term is informed by Faux News and other sources of disinformation which attribute same entirely to an opposing ideology while conveniently omitting the fact that they themselves do exactly what they accuse their opponents of doing. The reality of such efforts is independent of ideological considerations but refers to demands made of others. I observed much the same when a commercial "Christian" message board web site decided to institute "Christians only" sections and belabored over all encompassing definitions of minute criteria to be according to their purposes to determine who is and who isn't a "Chrsitian" like little Calvinist soldiers excluding heretics from their electronic christofascist Geneva. The UMC in its present state has many flaws but it's certainly better than various polities like the Christian Coalition's insistence that abolishing the U.S. Department of Education is somehow the "Christian" [TM] position on the issue. Such meddling reveals the ridiculousness of what extremists in our midst demand. One wonders where is the strategy and tactics in such things? When extremism rears its head, such things are its least worries and emotionalistic demands its only play. In short every play in a form of a "Hail Mary Pass" not unlike recent secular efforts to try and paint transwomen as predators to fool the gullible. It is astounding in its magnitude, but such is the nature of the fallacies of self-righteousness.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago


I agree. To have excluded all non-UM faculty would have meant not including Fred Craddock at Candler, only to name 1 of 1000, who are not Methodist but have been a gift to the work of God in training clergy in seminary. Agree

Scott Hagan more than 5 years ago