Live Report: St. Paul Delivers a Speech at General Conference Addressing the LGBTQI Debate



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Thanks, Rev. Owens for a Card Well-Played

Paul gets a bad rap, especially how his corpus is cited by those threatened by social change out of context. He appears in some caricatures a priggish fellow, sort of the Anthony Comstock of his day, if you will. As a Hellenistic Jew he was well-acquainted with the ways of commerce and the variations of human experience as any well-traveled person of his day would be, yet, also as a Pharisee, a legalist obsessed with what was "clean" or "unclean." The misuse of his first chapter in Romans to attack those with whom the speaker does not agree or consider worthy is certainly a case in point. Anyone who does not find himself or herself in the litany of sinfulness Paul presented is clueless about the scripture. Read it. You are there, every one of you, as am I, and so is George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Andrew Sullivan, the Dalai Lama, Justin Beiber, George Clooney, Camille Paglia, Ralph Reed, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Serena Williams, Brad Paisley, George Lopez, and George Takei. We are all sinners. I am not fit to judge you and you are not fit to judge me. The mystery related to God is solved by looking within. Organized religion subverted the real meaning of the Bible. Jesus said "The Kingdom of God is within you," but not within your wagging finger.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

St Paul's airstreams at Green Conf

Paul should have told of God's teachings about homosexuality.... Talks like this are used to water down Christianity and God's word.... This is what is wrong with it works today.... Not speaking the Gospel... Only interpretations of one's opinion.... Delegates stand up for God's Word.

Patty Crowder more than 5 years ago