UMC-Next Meeting Begins; Drew Opposes Anti-LGBTQ Stances



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Drew disassociating

If Drew disassociates from the UMC, who then will house the archives?
Will Asbury win another one???

Metho-Anglican more than 2 years ago

The good news is that the "centrists" have taken off their masks

The 5 principles of UMC-Next make it very clear that these "centrist leaders" were really just progressives all along. They should be ashamed of and repent of their deception that they carried into GC2019 pretending that they could live with and support either outcome!

Paul W. more than 2 years ago

Totally agree with your assessment!

Also, they need to reacquaint themselves with what John Wesley really meant when he referred to the social aspects of Christianity. "Social" is another word progressives keep using that does not mean what they think it means. There is no such thing as a "social gospel". There is only the gospel that transforms individual lives and ultimately transformed individual lives transform the society/culture around them. The concept of "social" applies to individual lives being transformed in the company of others.

betsy more than 2 years ago

How true

Wesley understood that there can be no "Lone Ranger" Christianity--we need the discipleship that only comes about through the support and accountability of covenantal groups. Social transformation is an outgrowth of a sanctified group--that's the means by which the church can "spread Scriptural holiness throughout the land." But the "social gospel" is the product of Walter Rauschbusch, himself greatly influenced by German Liberal thinkers like Ritschl and von Harnack. It did not emerge from Wesley or any of his followers.

The greatly misunderstood and/or misquoted observation of Wesley is: "'Holy Solitaries' is a Phrase no more consistent with the Gospel than Holy Adulterers. The Gospel of Christ knows of no Religion, but Social; no Holiness but Social Holiness."

John more than 2 years ago

Even better news...

How few people actually qualify for your view of Methodism?

My guess would be about 20.

The real question is, are you one of those 20, or are they going to eventually exclude you too?

And I can guess the answer to that one, too.

JR more than 2 years ago

I don't think so . . .

I don't believe most centrists pretended they could live with either outcome from the special-called conference. Most strongly supported the One Church Plan and adamantly opposed to the Traditional Plan. They believed that they could live with all, given that each local church and annual conference could have some autonomy to decide for themselves how to share the love of Christ in the world.

John more than 2 years ago