30 Pastors Plan to Officiate at Same-Gender Wedding



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Why indeed?

When I was about 17, I was with some fellows laughing and chortling in a rather heterosexist way about the personal ads section in The Advocate, then a national gay newspaper, which has since evolved into a slick magazine. But among the outlandish claims of member length and such, there were more than a few from gay members of quite conservative religious sects - Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals, etc. - seeking others who were also gay and members of these sects. My response was, "Why do they bother?" At the time I could not imagine a person wanting to belong to a group that devotes much energy into oppressing them, yet, there they were, gay Mormons, gay Muslims, gay yeshiva students.

We Methodists should be honored that our LGBT brothers and sisters haven't shaken us as dust from their feet but instead made efforts to change us. In that, they are not unlike the "Tuskeegee Airmen," heroic African-American World War II pilots, who served in our then segregated military. I contribute to the Red Tail Project which honors their heritage. After the war, one Tuskeegee Airman was moved to a segregated train car on a trip home when they crossed the Mason-Dixon line and no doubt all of them experienced similar indignities. People asked them why they fought for a segregated America and they said it was because they knew of America's promise and that we could change. So it is with the UMC's promise and our ability to change.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Same Sex Weddings

I celebrate their courage. I have made the same commitment.

Heather E. Klason more than 8 years ago

Collateral Damage

One overlooked aspect of this pastoral grandstanding is the impact on that which should be a UM pastors' first responsibility: the local church to which he or she is appointed. To that end, please consider these words from Rev. Schaeffer's own pen, written on the front page of his church's September newsletter:

Dear friends,
As you are certainly well aware, our church has gone through some
tumultuous times in recent months. We have lost dear church family
members and have experienced a period of decline. We would be
remiss in not bringing this situation to the attention of our membership.

Putting that in the newsletter and on the web is questionable PR, but I'm grateful for the ways those words reveal what happens when this cause becomes more important than our congregations.

Talbot Davis more than 8 years ago