A Modest Proposal: The Minimum Standards in Texas Conference



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Ageism in Texas Annual Conference

In the TAC under Bishop Huie's guidance we have done a fantastic job of encouraging young people to answer their calling to ordained ministry--to the point that we now have a glut of ordained clergy. Call it what you will, we have the luxury and the burden of being selective about who we can ordain. Those who are in the difficult position of making these decisions do so with much prayer and discernment. I think these proposed guidelines simply reflect the reality of our abundance. Perhaps there are other measures that would allow more people to answer their call. Could the TAC invite candidates to go to an annual conference in need of elders after they are ordained? Could we get more creative about church starts? At any rate, I do not envy those on the BOM who must decide who among the called shall be ordained to fill a limited number of appointments.

Tony Hoefner more than 8 years ago