Appeals Panel Restores Frank Schaefer's Clergy Status



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good decision

I am glad for Frank and the UMC. The decision is clearly worded so others may learn from it in the unfortunate event of future trials.

Jeff more than 7 years ago

correct decision

Perhaps a legally correct decision. The lesson learned for future trials is to take the credentials and kick him out the door with no opportunity to reflect and change his mind.

Kevin more than 7 years ago

Appropriate Penalty

Or, perhaps we have a new "standard" penalty being established: for performing a same-sex union or marriage, at least of one's own child, the penalty is suspension without pay for 30 days. Keep in mind this includes benefits like health insurance. For most clergy, including the value of benefits, this constitutes a cost of $4500 to $5000 out-of-pocket loss of income---far more than a misdemeanor maximum penalty in any jurisdiction in the U.S.

Meanwhile, those of us who have straight children can participate in our children's weddings, just like Frank Schaefer did, for no more out-of-pocket costs than our share of the wedding costs.

Somehow this strikes me as a kind of unseemly discrimination.

Tom Griffith
California-Pacific Annual Conference

Tom Griffith more than 7 years ago