Bishop: Men Need a New Christian Identity



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Now if only "Muscular Christianity" was rendered to the ash-heap of History

Nice. Whenever right-wingers triumphantly mention the "decline" on United Methodist Churches and other moderate to liberal mainline protestant bodies this is just another form of masculinist bullying relevant only to those who see numbers as a matter of winning and losing. John Wayne was called a "man's Man" in the traditionalist sense but he married three times, each to Hispanic women he imagined were going to be submissive and bailed when they did a little topping from the bottom. Essentially the proud, strong, white loudmouth with the American Flag waving proudly behind him and a cross emblazoned on his chest has done more harm than...well, just about anything.

George N. Shuler, LCSW more than 8 years ago

Small groups of Christians do much good.

Thanks for your comment that United Methodist Men should not measure their faithfulness or usefulness or strength by the size of a crowd in a stadium. Much good can be done for Jesus by small groups in lots of places, indeed, also one to one.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago