Bishop Talbert Performs Wedding for Two Men in Alabama



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Weddings for all God's sons and daughters!

Thank you, Bishop Talbert, for following your baptism commitment, and, as an ordained clergy person, honoring God who created us and through Jesus who taught us to love one another, and Holy Spirit Who continues to try to get through to us: God is a God of love.
I am old enough to know that our church did not always have laws condemning a consistent minority of men
and women. We are ALL God's children: Heterosexual and Non-heterosexual. I was baptized in the Methodist Episcopal Church...I think I learned to read, standing beside my mother and looking at the open hymnal. During my teen years I often attended the nearby EUBC because they had a more active youth group. In neither congregation did I ever hear a word condemning LGBT persons. In the EUBC they had a young man who attended in his navy whites when home on furlough, and played their pump organ. A gay man.
So, our missionaries went to Africa and told them they could not have multiple wives. Now they are telling us that we cannot ordain or bless the unions of LG persons.
But we must remember that our law book has been changed many times. We no longer buy and sell people and call them slaves, for example. We now ordain women. We now admit the need for divorce in some cases.
Abomination is not correctly translated as 'sin.' "Virgin" simply means "young girl" or "young woman."
The work 'homosexual' did not exist centuries ago when books of the Bible were written, and 'effeminate' is not correctly translated 'homosexual.' Besides, only some gay men are 'effeminate' and there are lots of men today (in and out of politics) who claim to be 'heterosexual' but seem 'effeminate.'
The man we claim as our founder was born, served and died an Anglican. We have much to learn from their American off-shoot: the Episcopalians, who for years now have ordained lesbians and gay men--both single and married.
It is fine to study Scripture--if we use correct translations. But let's practice the Quadrilateral: Scripture,
Tradition (both ancient and current--informed by recent discoveries about history and translation), Reason
informed by the Living Holy Spirit Who is trying SO HARD to teach us the things Jesus didn't have time to
tell us while He walked among us, and Experience--"Wesley states that Christianity is an experience of holiness and happiness, the image of God impressed on a created spirit, a fountain of peace and love springing into everlasting life."
Through the years I have never felt that God didn't love me. I never asked God why He made me different than my sisters. That would be rather foolish of me! To question our Creator?
God bless you, Bishop Talbert, and all the clergy standing with you, both physically and by signing letters.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago


I admire Bishop Talbert for performing the ceremony. I am very disappointed that the UMC took such a neg. stand, both at General Conference and since. Our church needs to realize that ALL individuals are children of God..

jorie ruegger more than 8 years ago