Clergyman Rebuts Bishop's Critique of Western LGBT Stance



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GLBT in the clergy

God loves and forgives all sinners and no one is better than another based on their sexual orientation. If being immaculate were the standard for being in the clergy, then our churches would have no one to serve in that capacity. Those of the GLBT have done nothing to deserve discrimination, even if you disagree with them.

Robert R. Alexander more than 9 years ago

Response to Bishop

Under the unbrella of homosexuality you will find, bisexuality, poly amourous acceptance and a host of other preferences.

The left wing of the church that screems full inclusion for GLBT include all those (Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transexual) and more with no hint of how the church will validate and proceed.
How wiil the church endorse not only the homosexual but the bisexual?
Will we accept a 3 person union in place of 2?

Address the "whole" not one part of a very complicated question.
Will the UMC accept the theology of Mollenkott, Schori, and Robinson in place of Wesley?
How far and wide will the lefts "full inclusion" go?
What in specifics are you asking the church to accept?

.The Great Commission we are responsible to preach is not found in Niebuhr's socail principles but in the Word of God.

d more than 9 years ago