Committee Chair Releases Statement on Bledsoe Situation

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revic (fight like the devil)

As humans suppose to be christains, we become judge and jury. Bishop is not modeling that for you. However, you want to use someone elses commits to get ahead of someone else. If you did not recieve an appointment then look in the mirror and ask yourself, WHY? We are quick to blame but don't take a look at self. I advise you to do just that, stop with the gossiping and PRAY!!!! This world would be a better place if there was more praying and a lot less gossiping. If you are a pastor, elder, or whatever, go back and get what you have lost, and that is empathy for everyone. Stop picking and choosing what side you are going to sit on and stand for the LORD.

His daughter

Felicia Moran more than 9 years ago

Bishop Blesode

I am praying for the Conference in Texas, and the Church in general. My prayer is that the situation will go away, and the Bishop continues to do the work. I am not judging anyone here, but for the sake of peace and love, we should not be fighthing and fussing, especially with someone we consider of higher esteem such as a Bishop, Superintendent, Pastor, etc. For the sake of peace and love, we cannot allow bad things drag on. Let the Bishop be the Bishop, and let the Texas Conference drop any "charges" against the Bishop. Too much about the "law" and too less about "love." It is a shame that we can allow a dispute with a Bishop go that far. Bishops are not perfect, but they deserve due respect. I believe dragging the matter back and forth is not beneficial to the church. I may be wrong, but I doubt it. Psalm 120:7 "I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war."

Pianapue Early more than 9 years ago

Forced Retirement of Bledsoe

What is the real truth since articles seem to contradict the events and leaves many grey areas unanswered? I note that posts are removed immediately from public view and perhaps the episcopacy committee does not want the laity to view the chaotic nature of the situation.
Richard Hearne, who just completed his four-year term as the North Texas Conference lay leader relates “I have tremendous personal regard for the bishop,” Hearne said. “But this cannot become an issue of race. “He said that discussion turned to the low morale among conference clergy during a conference cabinet meeting two months ago. “One of the colleagues in the room said, ‘Well, one of the problems is that people are mad because we had three black bishops in a row,’” Hearne recalled. “I said, ‘That’s nonsense.” “The laity supports him,” Hearne said. “His problem is with the clergy.”
What I discern from this bleak event is that it appears that the North Texas Clergy have problems and have forgotten their ordination vows, difficulties with implementation of good communication skill in addressing and voicing their concerns in order to find avenues for resolutions in a spiritual manner. Additionally, Bledsoe was never informed of any problematic situation prior to his meeting regarding the committee’s mandate of forced retirement and was not provided any recourse for remediation. The SCJC had already made the decision before Bledsoe was present. I pose the question of how would you feel if you were blindsided by this negative news? It is incredible that 4 years ago Bledsoe was selected for the position of Bishop and not even 4 years later the committee wants to immediately remove him from his position. Erroneous quotes and conflicting information raise doubts about how one is to glen the real truth and mirrors conspiracy behind closed doors. The Methodist Episcopacy has a real communication problem with clergy and laity regarding truth and transparency conveyed in Open Hearts, OPEN MINDS AND OPEN DOORS. Is this the leadership style that will become the benchmark of Methodism when resolving and mediating problematic situation…Lord help us all if this become the norm…I strongly urge all parties to fervently seek the Lord’s guidance through prayer and love, without anger, regarding this grave and embarrassing event for all parties.
From Truth and Justice and will these thoughts be reviewed or dismissed?
I will be happy to send a handwritten letter regarding Bledsoe's Godly attributes if needed.

Sylvia Jones more than 9 years ago

The process

Based on what is said by Mr. House, here is the chronology of events related to the actions of the jurisdictional episcopacy committee (JEC):

Jan. 1, 2009 - Paragraph (P) 412 went into effect, calling on JEC groups to establish evaluation.

Sometime in 2011 - the JEC started work on those criteria and tools to measure them.

March 27, 2012 - Bishop Bledsoe heard his "metrics."

May 24 - Bishop Bledsoe met with the full JEC for some kind of hearing at which he could respond. After that hearing, apparently without his presence, the committee voted to request he retire voluntarily.

May 29 - Three JEC members shared the results of that vote with Bishop Bledsoe.

Based on that timeline, I have four concerns.

Did the development of evaluation begin after informal complaints arose about Bishop Bledsoe?

How is it that other bishops have done the same things in their respective conferences but were not called upon to retire early?

Has any bishop ever had to face a hearing based on a formal written complaint about administrative or relationship failures?

Why is this case being conducted in public?

1. The timing of the beginning of the evaluation development must have come after complaints about Bishop Bledsoe surfaced.

2. There have been some bishops who have gotten away with far worse because they could use fear of their power to appoint to ward off accountability.

3. Every complaint about a bishop except those that had a sex-related component have been dropped by whatever supervisory group (usually composed of other bishops) handled it. Using P 413 was never a serious option to the JEC.

4. When ministers are confronted by the Cabinet for some kind of problem, they are told they are not to speak with anyone about the complaint or the process. And Cabinets rarely ever respond if word gets out. Here everybody with knowledge is throwing in their two cents worth.

Actually, under these circumstances, the Church may benefit from openness and letting light shine onto the situation.

We might learn something about accountability and evaluation. God knows we need to!

Rev. Jerry Eckert more than 9 years ago


My prayers are with you in this difficult situation. I wonder though does this mean Pastors who don't receive and appointment' since we have done away with guaranteed appointment can " fight like the devil" to get one? That's what the Bishop is modeling for us.

revic more than 9 years ago