Conference Leaders Work to Strengthen Collegiate Ministry



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the viable alternative

In the absence of local campus ministry, I hope churches closest to college campuses would go through extensive training. My daughter went to an all-women's 2-yr college in a small mid-western/southern town. At the community welcoming during orientation, several town churches has welcome tables. Being United Methodist and the daughter of a clergy couple, our daughter made a b-line for the UM table (that particular UMC abuts the campus). The well-meaning folks sitting *behind* the table were all over 60, 70 and 80 years old. Not to be deterred our daughter explained her parents were UM pastors and she would love to volunteer in teaching Sunday School or working with children in any way. The pastor, barely making eye-contact assured her they had their Christian Ed staff all in place. Needless to say, our daughter never darkened the UMC door. And that is just one instance. Any church close by a college campus needs training. What can greeters (especially if the church is all older) say? How can the congregation be welcoming? What is the best way for a pastor to follow up? What can a congregation facilitate for students? etc. etc.

pamela more than 9 years ago