Conferences Voice Growing Support for Gays



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Add at least one other Conference

Add the Rocky Mountain Conference to those taking strong action against the despicable results of General Conference! :-D

Matthew B. Winkel more than 9 years ago

third option

I hear the pain of those directly harmed by our punishing rules. rather than stay and acquiesce or give up and leave, we can stay and defy the rules. That is what Bishop Talbert has asked us to do: "The derogatory rules and restrictions in the Book of Discipline are immoral and unjust and no longer deserve our loyalty and obedience. It’s time for us to act in defiance of unjust words of immoral and derogatory discrimination and laws that are doing harm to our GLBT sisters and brothers.”

Jeff Conn more than 9 years ago

God Loves Diversity

Gene, two chapters before the angels visit Lot, God has declared the need to destroy the two cities because they were wealthy but unkind to widows and orphans, debauched and not good. I hope you realize that if any sex had happened between the drunken crowd and the two angels, it would have been gang rape. Not all 'anal sex' is gay sex. Doctors and counselors can tell you that some heterosexual people engage in anal sex. Are you going to condemn them? Maybe so. But in all events, there was no 'homosexuality' outside the home of Lot. By definition, homosex-
uality must include love--not just the anal sex act. Words in the New Test-
ament that are translated "homosexual" are wrongly translated. Scholars of ancient languages know that. Get used to the fact that God just loves diversity---and gives many different gifts to many different people. Some cultures have recognized that---and acknowledge their LGBT people as especially gifted leaders: chiefs, medicine people, healers, spiritual leaders. Wesley told us "Do No Harm".......In refusing to fully honor our own LGBT people, we are harming them, their families and loved ones, and the institution known as The United Methodist Church....and, sadly, giving approval to kids who bully their school-mates and those who kill LGBT people!!!!!!!! Holy Spirit, guide us to DO NO HARM.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago

Bigotry vs. Love

Supporting institutionalized discrimination against an entire group of people is bigotry. Homosexuals have been singled out in our Book of Discipline. That is bigotry, and it is nearly the opposite of love.

In the past, our church has discriminated against African-Americans and against women, using the same reasoning, "I believe what the Scriptures teach".

God's love is for all. God's church is for all. All should be welcome to his table. Who are we to decide who is and who isn't welcome??

Question: If being gay is a lifestyle, if being gay is a choice, why are so many teens and youth killing themselves after being bullied for years for a supposed lifestyle choice? Why wouldn't they just choose to be straight? Who has ever been so in love with a "lifestyle choice" that they would choose suicide as a way to stop the bullying?

Answer: No one. Because it is not a choice. It is an identity.

Joy Butler more than 9 years ago


I for one am a Methodist by choice, not early teaching. I am also a parent of twins, one is gay, the other not. Both are gifts of a loving God; both were raised in the same church and taught to love and not judge others. Why is one gay, the other not? Only God knows, but I do know that our son chose to leave the church and God for a long time because he was taught that who he was was, was evil. After much prayer and searching, his and ours, he has found a loving God again - not in the Methodist church. He is active in his church, in a loving, committed, blessed relationship, and a productive member in his community. What more could we, his father and I, want for any child? That our church be as loving, consistent and committed in its beliefs and practices as its founder, John Wesley, and our Creator God. We love, respect and are proud of both of our children. I wish our church would remove its prejudice (and blinders) from its heart, discipline and practices and find the love and compassion of our God as He has instructed us to do. How can we be true followers of Christ and continue to judge His handiwork? I pray that one day when we come to meet our Maker we can all say "I have honestly tried to love with an Open Heart, Open Mind, and Open Doors in Your House." I know some folks (Reconciling Methodists and Alllies) who will be able to speak this truthfully. Will you? Only God will know if you have tried.

Kathleen England more than 9 years ago

Too little, too late

Too little, too late.

Those who truly wish to show their full acceptence and inclusion of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and the transgendered cannot do so in the context of an institution that has consistently upheld its policies of discrimination, without any attempt at compromise or conciliation.

The UMC has, once again, declared itself to be unwelcoming to and unaccepting of those made by God to love others of their own gender. Those who find this position unacceptable ought in good conscience withdraw their support from the UMC, and do so vocally from a position of cordial but firm conscientious dissent.

To do otherwise is to actively support and collude in the exclusion and repression of gays and lesbians, and there is no way to claim otherwise. If you want the LGBT community to believe you are sincere in your advocacy and acceptance, leave the UMC. Now. Today.

Daniel more than 9 years ago

Acceptance of all things

I for one am tired of being called a bigot simply because I believe what the Scriptures teach. I’m tired of being called a bigot because I don’t and won’t accept a life style goes against what I believe in. Quite frankly, I do not care what a person does in the privacy of his/her home or bedroom. The sins one commits are between God and them. I do not judge them. Just don’t try to make me accept it as normal or natural.

God does love all his children. That doesn't mean we don't do things that are hurtful to him.

Our bishops should be leading their flocks to a closer relationship with God, not accepting any and all lifestyles May I suggest your read Romans 1: 18-32 and make your choice..

Gene Mims more than 9 years ago