Connectional Table Proposal Seeks Greater Openness on Human Sexuality



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Read the Scriptures Again, Folks

Forty-one years in ordained ministry, 5 as District Supt. I have evolved on this issue and many others. We must read the relevant scriptures as describing homosexual acts as exploitive of vulnerable people. NONE of the passages describe loving, covenanted, committed marriages which constitute Marriage Equality today, and which the Supreme Court Decision was addressing. Apples and Oranges. Opponents of Equality are hiding behind "Integrity of Scripture" here, while the love of neighbor goes down the drain. Will they "know we are Christians by our love", or by our casuistry?

Dr. Bill Moorer more than 6 years ago

Human Sexuality

I have read all sides of this divisive issue but the bottom line is Scripture prevails and is the final authority for our decisions. John Wesley said, "I am a man of one book'---The Bible!" To say that gay individuals may not serve as clergy and that we approve of homosexuality to totally against all Scripture. That does not mean that we should mistreat anyone nor violate any-ones rights but the bottom line is the church either retains the Scriptural authority or we fail to be the church, I noticed someone said those calling for a split is a minority,I think they are wrong! Of course the church would be better off united but not at the price of losing Scriptural integrity, If homosexual marriage is approved you will observe a majorexit from the UM church.

Larry Williams more than 6 years ago

Conservative Takeover

Such a simple elegant solution for what has been a 40 year nightmare for the UMC. And it is really a return to earlier principles. A pastor has always had discretion as to who to marry. And Annual Conferences have knowingly admitted discreet gay clergy for years before this ever became an issue. If this proposal were ever adopted (a snowball in hell would have a better chance of survival) the ruckus would be all over. But that's the point. The ones who raised this issue don't want it to go away. It is the stick to beat liberals out of the UMC. It is only about sex for the ignorant and fearful. It is really about power for those who want a conservative takeover of the UMC.

UM Insight more than 6 years ago


Where I am, it wasn't the conservatives who raised the issue. The liberals are the ones who have been trying to shove it down everyone's throat with little regard for the opinions of others.

DW more than 6 years ago

Human Sexuality in the UMC

I am not too afraid about the possible conservative takeover. Let them take it. We need to stop talking about genitalia and human responsibility. This issue has become a great distraction on more pressing and socially wide issues. Sooner or later, the conservative brothers and sisters will look like a church of dinosaurs, irrelevant in a world everyday more adult. Because the world of God will continue to evolve toward inclusion with or without conservatives. I confess that I always felt ambiguous about G&L brothers and sisters, and at times I still have that feeling. But I look at how societies around the world and Christian denominations open their legislation arms to inclusion, and here we are hesitating to be a Church that truly care for all human beings. St. Paul may have said: "You might be a mighty conservative or and weak and over optimistic liberal, but if you have no love, you are nothing." Let's do it once and for all and work of the agenda that has to do with the Gospel of love, reconciliation, peace with justice, and the care of Creation all over the world.

Hector Torres more than 6 years ago


If you want to cut our membership in half, let this pass...

Buddy Whatley more than 6 years ago

That's going to happen anyway

And also to right-wing churches

George more than 6 years ago