Council Seeks African Bishop's Resignation over Funds Audit



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Let him surrender his clergy credential but my question I wonder who ordained him in the UMC

Justin more than 8 years ago


Aaaaaand, who elected Richard Nixon, Mark Foley, Bob Packwood, Jesse Jackson Jr. and all the other politicians whose misconduct drove them from office? Which boards of directors appointed crooked CEOs like the late Ken Lay of Enron (who was also at the time a United Methodist lay speaker)? Which military recruiter snagged Dr. Abdul Hassan who massacred some of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood? Selection processes are funny that way: mostly they work but when they don't everybody points the finger at the selecting authority. This is the kind of pointless, illogical rhetoric akin to street preachers ranting when natural disasters strike New Orleans and New Jersey and blame it on God's wrath at the sinners there, but who are noticeably silent when the same level of disasters strike Oklahoma.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Who Ordained him

Just to answer your question. He was ordained by the late Bishop Alfred J Ndoricimpa when the conference was still called Burundi annual Conference. He was hand picked as a Dean of Superintendents in the Uganda church which had many accountability issues at the time (1994-1997). when Bishop Ndoricimpa passed Daniel Wandabula happened to be chosen to replace him and at the time the annual conference was known as East Africa Annual Conference.

Rev. Bamulutira, Fred J more than 8 years ago

Let's continue praying for the Church of Christ in Uganda and the entire EAAC.

Let's pray for God's direction in all what needs to be done.

Hephzibah Sean more than 8 years ago