Council of Bishops Requests Complaint Against Bishop Talbert



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Does anyone else find it contradictory that the Council calls for conferencing and a trial in the same statement? you want an open conversation even as one opinion is persecuted? trials are not conferencing.

90% of the young people in america reject the UMC statements on homosexuality and would resist joining an organization ideologically (but not practically) aligned with some nasty groups. Either the Bishops find away for the 90% of the young people to feel trust in the church's teachings or the Bishops will take the church with them to the grave.

The "theological conversation" is no longer even a consideration. Leaders need to find a way for the UMC to survive a country where "homosexuality is normal" is the dominant world view. we got past the divorce hang-ups. we had better get past this one quickly. That is the leadership challenge the Bishops continue to fail to meet.

wahoo lon more than 8 years ago

Council of Bishops 'respectful' statement

Oh, my! What a forceful statement. I can see another 'wrist slap' coming, another task force for ...what? Another 45 years of talking about something that the Bible, and because of it, our Discipline says should not be done.? Why must the council wait for a 'complaint'?
Oh, wait. If our leadership keeps responding like this, there won't be a United Methodist Church in 45 year, much less in 5 years.

William H. Pearsall, Sr. more than 8 years ago

Your position is not tenable

Your assertion that homosexuality is "something that should not be done" according to the Bible is not factual. First of all homosexuality does not refer to a verb; it is merely a normal variation of the human capacity to love. If you claim Bible, claim all of it. So if you and your wife touch one another at all while she is mensturating then both of you have committed an abomination. Just a touch of the tip of the fingers is all it takes. That means both of you deserve to be cast out? No, you say? Well, why not? Because unlike the ancients we now know physical contact with a mensturating woman does not harm a man! We also now know homosexuality is merely another form of love, not some voodoo blood sugar sex magic. So as one married gay man, Jim "Gomer Pyle) Nabors would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" (Wonder if he's a Methodist like his mentor Andy Griffith was?)You don't get to pick and choose scripture and use those that express the hatred in your heart while ignoring others.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Council of Bishops Request Complaint

This is exactly the reason the United Methodist Church in the U.S. is loosing members, loosing elders and Pastors who are not able to lead. I have my own opinions based on experience in life shown through God`s grace. My distaste for this situation is that a "complaint" is being filed. I believe if the Council of Bishops were trying to not take a social or liturgy side to this issue it would be explained as an inquiry. Until this issue is resolved once and for all within the Methodist structure the numbers will keep decreasing, as well as the ability of Pastor`s to care for all, lead all, and actually minister to their flocks appropriately. This issue is one of the main reasons I left the Methodist Church. I am not gay, but I do disagree with how this issue has been dealt with in general. I cannot believe John Wesley would be idly standing by letting this fester, rot and deteriorate the very love of Christ that we are all suppose to be showing our fellow man.

Ed Jones more than 8 years ago

Lost Prophetic Voice

SHAME ON THE COUNCIL OF BISHOPS. They have lost their prophetic voice. Fewer and fewer people, no less United Methodists, are listening to them. Pope Francis is looking pretty good these days. The Council of Bishops will waste TONS of money and influence if they proceed to bring charges against Bishop Talbert who happens to be RETIRED!!!! The poor, hungry, lonely, unloved will not be impressed or care! Instead of using this as an opportunity to offer God's grace and transform the world, they (Council of Bishops) are going to turn inward and eat each other up. Like a den of vipers, they will viperize each other.

Recently I attended the "Book of Mormon" the controversial and wildly popular musical that spoofs the Mormons and slams religion big time ... sometimes in obscene ways. Did the Mormons jump up and down and scream and tell people to stay away from this musical? (I don't know). BUT the 2,500 people in attendance were greeted by REAL LIVE MORMON MISSIONARIES handing out cards to the audience saying "I'm a Mormon -- Read our Book." That's making lemonade out of lemons. The Council of Bishops just chooses, once again, to be sour.

I'm ashamed to say that I'm a retired UM pastor. I rarely do anymore.

Thomas E. Shanklin more than 8 years ago

Council of Bishops and Pope Francis

First of all, I'm NOT a fact, I'm not even a Christian, but I don't understand why the Council of Bishops wold condemn Pope Francis for saying what Jesus would say if he were alive today. If seems to me that they have forgotten that all people are their congregation. Gay people are not criminals. Let the Council help people who need their help -- the poor, the ill, the needy the unloved. I always thought that was what religion was about.

Elin more than 8 years ago