Bishops Warned Their Funding Imperiled



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May I Add a Warning? 5 Years of Funds is Overly-Optimistic

To you who meet and ponder, take a moment to study the balance sheet of the American Episcopal church over the last few years. Before you focus on the gross and net, find the LINE ITEM FOR LITIGATION. Then compare that % of gross to your own level of litigation planned.
Our old UMC has essentially two sides: "We want the freedom to do anything we want in this house!" vs. "Oh, no, not in my house you won't." No sayin' or prayin' is going to resolve the un-resolvable.
How many times will the dead horse be beaten by those who love to write of fantasies, but 2019 lit the fuse and the flame will hit the powder in 2020. And, as UMC blows apart, there will be lines of lawyers which will stretch across state lines to help the violated find justice in courts of law. Chah-Ching!!!!
How naive of me to suggest a compromise, but I will. Forget the resolutions and re-working rules, and ignoring realities. Go to 2020 with great,fair and lawyer-free plans. Old UMC is done, won't mortgaging a meaningful future for both sides be rather arrogant and self-serving?

Reese 233 days ago

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