Fight Over Karen Oliveto's Election Begins



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Fight Over Karen Oliveto's Election Begins

Lets cut out the waste of time, accept people for where they are. Jesus did. Too many people think they are "Christians" and have not really studied what the new testament is all about. We have real issues to address.The Church needs to get involved in the immoral going's on in our reall society. Read some the information on HItler's rise to power and not the similarity.

William C Reese more than 5 years ago

Within Hours?

More like within minutes! That's the irony - after requiring a record 35 ballots to complete its own election work, the South Central Jurisdiction was somehow able - within minutes - to respond to an election that took place in another time zone. Pre-staged political theater...

Todd Scranton more than 5 years ago

That's hilarious

However, it is a good rubric of the amount of investment to extreme right has in continuing to perpetrate the oppression of LGBTQIA United Methodists. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago