Financial Agency Can Grant Benefits to Same-Sex Couples



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Gnashing of teeth.

Yep, Gnashing my teeth. The article states that “The resolution’s statement of facts deplores that denial of “full access” to the rights and privileges of The United Methodist Church is causing “deep spiritual harm to our LGBT brothers and sisters.” What about the “deep Spiritual harm that is being heaped on our heterosexual brothers and sisters” that are being told they are mean-spirited and unloving because they cannot and will not accept the practice of homosexuality?

Gene Mims more than 8 years ago

All right

Sometimes the truth can sting. I don't believe the victims of bullying are obligated to apologize for speaking the truth. Of course, not all heterosexual UMCers feel that exclusion of LGBT folks is the way to go. I'm only one old het guy and I believe this is long overdue. I try to temper my remarks, but sometimes I fail. I don't bear any ill will toward honest disagreement, but I don't believe the right wing faction is behaving in an honorable manner. I believe they have had a consistent history of dishonest political maneuvering even to the extent of providing cell phones to their adherents to organize them. What they've spent of their resources on a campaign of hatred would have been put to better use to heal the sick and feed the hungry. Instead, their objection to decent treatment of others is abhorrent.

Second, the use of the term "the practice of homosexuality" is deeply offensive and uninformed, Homosexuality is not and never has been a "practice". To characterize them as such is a mean-spirited judgment and uninformed. Homosexuality is an acceptance of one's essence, and not someone's prurient fantasies. It is like calling all heterosexuals whores and whore-mongers. To fail to refrain from the use of that pejorative term is a grievous act of ignorance and a reduction of others to a pariah. It is an act not informed by knowledge and love.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Excellent News

Prepare for the gnashing of teeth from our right-wing faction: three, two, one....

Denying people health insurance out of bigotry is not in accordance with Christian principles.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago