Groups Approve Plan to Divvy up Slashed Budget



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Me Thinks "Masters of the Understatement"

Merely perusing the plethora of titles here at UM Insight gives clear warning that the UMC house is coming apart.. Virtually every article is about internal strife within the UMC. Nero would be proud of this board which fiddles around with debate over fractions while factions are now in revolution mode. Mere debate is long gone. And the fact that Bishops' salaries increase at this time underscores the disconnect which has brought the UMC to the exit door. I don't know what the UMC D&B rating is, but I'll bet it is under some serious evaluation.

Reese more than 2 years ago

Budget Cuts

I noticed in the commentary that you forgot to mention the 30.4% cut in funding for the Central Conference Theological Fund (third largest cut). Could this be the first punishment meted out to the Central Conferences for failing to support the OCP? The ministerial education fund is being cut by 27% in a time when most young people can't afford the cost of an MDiv. Amazing. Yet Church and Society, who do nothing but create controversy in the denomination only get a 20% cut. Perhaps worst of all the Episcopal fund (bishops pay) is going up by 6.7% when they already make 4x what most elders make. The majority of US bishops have led us away from faithful belief in the scriptures and have led us to the point of a split. And they are getting a raise. How about freezing the episcopal fund and then getting rid of colonialism in our denomination and equalize the pay for all bishops in the denomination. Surely the US Bishops agree that the bishops in the central conferences do equal work to them (even though they average 3x the members to oversee) and deserve equal pay. Don't we believe in equal pay for equal work and fair wages in the Third World? I would think with their attitude of humility and sacrifice to Christ that the progressive US Bishops would reject this offer and demand parity for the Bishops in the central conferences, both in pay and work load. The budget is bloated and needs drastic cuts. The local churches cannot afford the high apportionment's they are currently paying, especially the small ones, but the cuts need to come from the agencies and not actual ministries. What has Church and Society actually done other than try to create new, liberal social rules for the church that will never pass a GC?

Scott more than 2 years ago


In internet lingo, Scott's post would obviously be tl;dr with a dose of 'personal bias'.

Well played.

JR more than 2 years ago