Personnel Cuts at Discipleship Ministries Bite Deeply into Expertise

UPDATE: Discipleship Ministries Releases Email on Cutbacks



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Gag order

What do you think of your church that requires traumatized 20+ year employees to sign a gag order to assure severance? Anyone checked the money quietly paid back to Upper Room after misappropriation under a previous (not Tim Bias) admin? Stories here despite the protests.

An Nonymous more than 1 year ago


The story on the misappropriation of funds deserves to be told. That the leadership of Discipleship Ministries has chosen to move Discipleship Resources and Discipleship Resources International to The Upper Room in order to "save the related expenses to [its] World Service budget" is deeply troubling. Surely such a restructuring violates the restrictions The Book of Discipline places on the use of The Upper Room funds. At the very least, see par. 1107.2.

None more than 1 year ago

Also Jodi Cataldo

Decided to stay in Dakotas. Responsible for lay leadership

Wahoo lon more than 1 year ago

Thank you.

Yes, thank you, Lonnie. I was aware of Jodi Cataldo but had been unable to confirm her termination as remote staff. There will need to be more follow-up to these developments.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 1 year ago


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