We Have An Election! Lesbian Pastor Elected Bishop

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What a sad, disconnectional mish-mash!

The election of Oliveto proves what horrible dis-array the United Methodist Church in America is in! I am tired of being part of a church that requires a person to choose what side they are on! Whatever "middle" UMC leadership thinks can step up and take control of the situation--I don't want any part of it either because they are evidently a group that would blow in the wind with whatever the next new trend is! The American branch of the UMC should apologize to John Wesley for we have exceeded his prediction that Methodism would not cease to exist in America but would become the form of religion without the power. When the American part of the UMC decides to become truly Methodist, let me know!

Betsy more than 5 years ago

I'm not following your reasoning

The United States was itself founded upon a violent revolution in which Americans were in a sense required to take a side, Rebel or Loyalist, which fully 1/3 failed to do at all, but I am certain a significant number of those later claimed to have fought for American Independence or had ancestors who did. On the other hand, as the Brexit vote illustrated, to some extent the U.S. would have been better off to have remained British and then evolved into a pleasant nation like our northern neighbor, Canada. But given the entrenched Scots-Irish independent spirit and the pervasiveness of slavery, it's no surprise things happened as they did. I continue however to be dumbfounded by the assertion that our Methodist sturm-und-drang "forces" anybody to do anything, or that the present controversy is somehow an insult to Wesley. Wesley was not a purveyor of empty platitudes and the fascist impulses of today's right-wing organizers. He was not such an unfocused man so as to not recognize that his successes were those of the zeitgeist of his times, just as Karen Oliveto's are of ours.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

Karen Oliveto

The Judicial Council has no legal basis to invalidate the election of Karen Oliveto, an elder in good standing, as a bishop in the Western Jurisdiction. Karen has the right to 'due process' within the Jurisdiction, which is unlikely to defrock her or alter her standing in response to the inevitable complaint. And she is unlikely to resign under pressure, as did Bishop Dorff. He admitted committing adultery. Bishop-elect Oliveto has not.

Wayne Marshall Jones more than 5 years ago