Judicial Council Defers Decision on East Africa Funds Dispute



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re: curch building

Yes all the $110,000 was used to build the church and more funds are needed to complete this big Church building.

Agnes more than 9 years ago


I pray that all these will be settled in peace through understanding and forgiveness. For we are all human beings who are not perfect before the Lord.

Dayton Moses more than 9 years ago


I am a Turner Construction Certified Construction Manager and work for a 30 plus year old AEC firm.

Questions - was the $110,736 spent on the church?

Who from Penn reviewed the AEC plans?

Did the process to build a church in Uganda follow UMC Discipline?

Where are all these audit papers at?

Hershel Daniels Junior more than 9 years ago

real issue

The real issue isn't whether the $110,000 was enough to build the church. The real issue is whether the $110,000 was used to build the church. If, instead, it was determined that the $110,000 was not enough that doesn't give you the authority to spend the money as you see fit without the approval of the donor. There is a major difference between designated (or earmarked) funds and undesignated funds. We wonder why other parachurch organizations are so successful in getting money from our churches. But, if we don't show a high degree of accountability then we can't be surprised when we lose out.

Creed Pogue more than 9 years ago