July Conferences to Elect 11 U.S. Bishops



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speaking out

Elsie, God bless you for your courage and faithfulness. I think the new bishops will speak out because of handful of the current active bishops are already speaking out. we clergy and laity have to speak out, too.

jeff conn more than 9 years ago

Inclusive like Jesus.

I am an 84 year old out of the closet lesbian, raised in a Methodist Episcopal family and claiming my membership as a child of God who made me. When will the rest of you realize that if any sex had occurred at Sodom it would have been gang rape not a homosexual loving act. Inhospitality and the desire to insult by gang rape (as is often done during war) has nothing to do with sexual orientation. And, by the way, your doctors and marriage counselors can tell you that some heterosexuals practice anal sex. Do we follow Jesus in ministering to all? or follow man made law? When all Bishops become prophetic we will be better followers of Creator God (Father and Mother--Wisdom), Jesus (Master Teacher), and Holy Spirit (Still Speaking).

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago


Will the new Bishops have the courage to lead the Church on the issue of gays within United Methodism or will they leave speaking out and exerting leadership to retired Bishops which is where we seem to be?

Rev. C. Richard Cox more than 9 years ago