To Reach the Nones and Dones, Focus on the Ones



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This is an interesting concept

I have no problem with seeking further engagement from individuals already supportive of the church, but sometimes such efforts prove I'll-advised. I'm aware of one anecdotal situation where some assumed the role of the bothersome cat who ran off the rats in the old fable. What I'm talking about is individuals who changed from being mildly apathetic nominal members, to forcing an angry confrontation with a Bishop, a change that occurred at a rate equivalent to Ron Mael's song lyric alluding to male puberty: "We start a song at tenor and then end at bass." Perhaps the occurrence never occurred anywhere else. Even so I'm skeptical of the emphasis. I. Would tend to regard such a program which consumed more than 5 percent of a church's resources (money, work hours, internal and external communications, etc.) as incredibly self-indulgent and more likely to produce results not desired (like the aformationed transformation, or else spooking and running off others) than not. Better to gently recruit individually than through such tiresome and expensive consultant-produced formulaic excesses. Also, who is this doing the worrying about the nones and Dones Do they no longer teach Harvey Cox in our seminaries? When hand-wringing about problems which are not problem, my suggestion is to follow the money and see who benefits. "Church planting" and the like most often strike me as efforts to pocket a portion of tithes not unlike multilevel marketing.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

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