Unity and the Sin of Babel



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Diversity run amuck

A view from a UMC pew: The problem is that "on paper" at umc.org we have a stated set of beliefs about who God is and who we are and what we believe about the Bible and the role of General Conference in the life of the church; reality is these things have not been consistently/clearly taught throughout the denomination for a very long time. I spent much time listening to many voices within the UMC as they discussed the same gender question. I was stunned to realize that beneath the issue is a lack of consensus when it comes to an understanding of who God is and who we are; what God expects of us in this life; how to approach the Bible; the way in which church relates to society as well as the role General Conference and the Discipline play in the life of the church. There may be many of us that start with God, Jesus and the name United Methodist, but unfortunately that is where the commonality stops; there is absolutely no common vision what it means to be Methodist/Wesleyan. The church needs to stop generating social principles and go back to the beginning and reacquaint ourselves with a Wesleyan understanding of who God is and who we are and what God truly expects of us in this life. Diversity then comes into play when individual persons gathered together as the local church come to an understanding about what this means for their lives individually and collectively. And just for the record, I write from the perspective of having experienced just how toxic the theological diversity present within the UMC can be.

Ella Pauline more than 3 years ago

Unity and Uniformity

Sorry Andy, your blog isn't dealing with a real problem. To ask that we as United Methodists confess some core beliefs and keep covenants and allow ourselves to be guided by the Discipline is not a call for uniformity; it is asking that we have some basis for the unity we seek. I don't know anyone calling for uniformity; I do know many of us who call for commitment to some shared values.

Riley Case more than 3 years ago


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