New York to Forego Clergy Trials over Same-Sex Marriages



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Enforcing the Discipline is labeled "divisive"

So attempting to enforce the bonds of our covenant as United Methodists is too difficult, so we just won't try anymore ...just like a frustrated parent who decides that disciplining their wayward children just makes everyone unhappy so let's just let the children do as they please. That neglect of responsibility simply makes for undisciplined children, chaotic families, and chaotic society. Bishop McLee and the Rev Riss "called church trials of clergy who perform legal same-sex marriages "divisive" and harmful." That's like saying parents disciplining their children are causing their children to be unhappy! It is NOT the church trials that are divisive ...the divisive behavior here is the deliberate violation of church law and our clergy covenant, and there must be consequences for such deliberately divisive disobedience. If there is not, then we are actively sowing the seeds of destruction of our covenant relationship, and of the UMC.

Paul more than 7 years ago

this shows the way forward

Whether each individual bishop will begin to do this, or the entire Council of Bishops makes this statement, we have just witnessed the beginning of the end of our long war against gays in the UMC. Now we need a similar statement to stop prosecuting self-avowed practicing homosexual pastors.

jeff more than 7 years ago