Noted Scholar-Pastor Announces Plans to Lead Same-Gender Wedding



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As Christians we follow Jesus, not Paul.

Thank you, Rev. William K. McElvaney, for your clearly stated call to bring our denomination back to a group of people who worship Jesus and follow His call to justice and love. Surely I'm not the only member who remembers the Methodist Episcopal Church which had no laws against the Lesbian and Gay members. Our Book of Discipline has many statements which contradict each other. So I follow the words of Jesus and remain a church membership.... though I am tired of being considered a 'second-class citizen.'

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 7 years ago

same-gender marriage

The church should be inclusive, but the definition of inclusion needs to be defined. Jesus included the sinners and the tax collectors, but I don't think he encouraged their sin. The called is for righteousness! With my studies of scripture I believe the Bible encourages marriage between a man and woman. Obviously, this starts in Genesis and continues throughout the scriptures. I can find no references where scripture encourages homosexual relationship and/or marriage. Humanity is sinful by nature. The Scriptures identify what the sinful nature is and how to walk in righteousness. We are call to have compassion, but that doesn't mean to accept everything the secular society calls good and healthy. We must see it through the prism of God's eyes. God made man and woman differently for His purpose. Why do we need to confuse the distinction God has created?

Jeffery Pruitt more than 7 years ago


What is the gospel of inclusion? Do we also include rapists? Serial killers? Pedophiles? Is there now anyone who is excluded? Is this really a gospel of sentimentality?

Buddy Whatley more than 7 years ago


Clearly you have not sat down with people in the GLBT community and heard their stories, or tried to walk in their shoes, when you compare them to rapist, serial killers and pedophiles. There is no victim in a normal loving same sex relationship.

Kathryn Munzinger more than 7 years ago


I am horrified that anyone would put LGBT people in the same class as rapist. God made them that way - and God doesn't make junk

Lynne more than 7 years ago