4 Reasons Why Seminary Shouldn't Be Hard – It Should Be Harder



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Much as I agree in principle....

ALL graduate education should contain a strong element of rigor. So, we should indeed not only not "dumb down" seminaries but "smarten them up."

However, to what end? At this point in our society a determined anti-intellectualism has gained hold, most especially in religion. Our religious right stand alone "Non-denominational" churches eschew intellectual rigor in favor of their own form of political correctness. We are not at the point Cambodia was in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge cult/regime gained control, in which the soft-handed, a sure sign of teachers and other educated sorts, were marked for immediate execution - yet. But the same fanaticism against education has gained a foothold in certain environs, in addition to the political organizations which masquerade as churches, like Faux News and the present White House staff. Where this all will end, who knows?

The best remedy to fascism is opportunity. Graduate education has long been the province of privilege, despite the conflating stereotype of the starving grad student. Education, especially religious education, should be free and open to all who meet the entry requirements. Full time studenthood is not an option for grad students with bills and families. Time limits, limitations on part time study, etc., need to be immediately abolished and replaced with something like a smaller version of MacArthur Genius Grants for every grad student.

Without allowing working class folks into the clergy, we cede them to the Churches of What's Happening Now.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago