Enough Already!

Memo for Those Who Preach



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That's what the majority of the UMC said at the Special GenCon. At the 2020 GenCon there will be even more African delegates.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago


The courageous thing to do on her part would be to follow her conscience and resign her credentials as a UMC ordained minister since she is unable or unwilling to follow our BOD, and, if she chooses to remain in ministry, take her talents to a denomination that willingly accepts self-avowed practicing homosexuals as credentialed ministers. And the disqualified person currently occupying the episcopal office of the Mountain Sky Conference should have the courage to likewise do so. Maybe something like the Indianapolis Plan will pass in 2020, and they can live as they choose in one of the newly created wings of the Wesleyan Movement; however, in the current and admittedly dysfunctional and unworkable UMC, they are not “entitled” to be credentialed just because they feel called to ministry.

John more than 1 year ago