Just Resolution Achieved in Iowa; Church Trial Avoided



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The Anna Blaedel Case

The United Methodist Church insists on shooting itself in the foot. What intelligent, forward thinking person would consider becoming a part of such a backward church? Just so you know, I am a member of Christ Church United Methodist Church in Troy, NY. We are a Reconciling Congregation. It is high time this denomination spit to form the Regressive Methodist Church and the Progressive Methodist Church. I’ll be in the latter.

Bob Blackmon 235 days ago

Who moved?

Backward. Regressive. Both of these words signify movement in the wrong direction. But those persons you're calling backward or regressive aren't the ones trying to move the church in new directions. They're encouraging the church to hold fast to its teachings and to hold one another accountable within the covenant that defines it. If it's time to split, it's to separate from the body those who disparage, smear, and otherwise insult those they cannot agree with.

John 233 days ago

Unjust law

An unjust law can not have ”just resolution”.

Greg L. 238 days ago

Just resolves nothing

Thousands of words resolving nothing

Richard F Hicks 239 days ago

Just resolution

Here is the money quote for me;
“The Just Resolution concludes by stating that the “certification of any other bill of charges based on [Rev. Blaedel’s] status [“self-avowed practicing homosexual”] would be double jeopardy and “therefore prohibited as a matter of law.”

This means they can bring her back and despite the new rules in effect on 1 January and she will be an ordained practicing homosexual in violation of the BoD but immune from further action.
As she says “I’m so grateful for queerness, and queer connections. I remain a self-avowed, practicing queersexual. Thanks be to God.”

“Anna, you are a trailblazer, and as one who is out in front, you have offered your very self to speak out on behalf of your queer brothers and sisters,” said Bishop Laurie.

I don’t think we have heard the last of Rev Blaedel.

Kevin 239 days ago