New Poll Shows Growing View of Clergy as Irrelevant



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Clergy not relevant

Nearly four years ago my wife and I needed pastoral care

I called our church St Luke’s Oklahoma City during the Business day and asked to speak to the pastor on call

I was put through to a voice mail. I left a good message

That call has yet to be returned! NEARLY FOUR YEARS

When we left St Luke’s Oklahoma City no one contacted to say goodbye

Thank you

Richard F Hivks more than 2 years ago

How about the umc?

It would be interesting to see how low a level of trust there is of clergy in the umc. It has to be near the worst among denominations- the towers watson study from a few years ago cited mistrust of the clergy and bishops as the umc's #1 problem. And the bishops banned them from looking into whether doctrine and beliefs play any role in church vitality.

td more than 2 years ago

High Regard for Clergy?

I certainly hold clergy with less regard. As clergy's view moves away from the Biblical position on so many subjects, many of them are in need of spiritual help – lost sheep. With an unknown cleric, we must ascertain whose side they are on. More and more clergy have made themselves enemies of God by opposing what God revealed as His way of life in the Holy Bible. Many clergy see their own personal feelings as more important than the way of life God has presented us in the Bible. The comparison with lawyers would be funny if it weren't so close to the truth.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Are We Surprised?

Many of our ministers openly break their vows and are more interested in political and social action than taking care of the sheep of their fold. Many are worried about their careers and pay and fuss when life is not easy on them. Ask them to do an extra sermon that week? You might as well ask them to volunteer to die. We have become lazy, egalitarian, and self centered. Are we the humble servants that our congregations expect. The horror stories that my church members have told me are many and it has created a much lower opinion of us as a group. They were shocked when I told them that it was inappropriate for me to be at the SPRC meeting that determined my compensation for the next year. My predecessors demand on being there to make sure they got a proper raise. To be honest we act more like members of congress (either party) who most people despise and have approval ratings in the teens. For all the ministers who read this, ask yourself a question, how many people have you taken into membership in the last few years (forget baptizing babies and confirming teens, everyone does that) by confession of faith. Are you finding lost sheep? And we want 50% control of the church. The laity should make the policy of the church. If we can't change their minds with good arguments and the evidence of scripture then we should not try to force them into changing.

Scott more than 2 years ago

So true.

Unfortunately my experience in the last decade of umc clergy is that they don't generally keep confidences, don't tell the truth, and don't take their jobs or christianity seriously. It is sad. And i am not saying it's universal, but that it is tolerated.

td more than 2 years ago