Ohio Pastor Charged with Disobedience



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By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

I have known Rev. David Meredith for nearly 30 years. I’ve always found him to be a giant in our faith, a man full of grace. I first met David in the early1990s when he organized West Ohio’s AIDS Healing weekends. He brought together people from all over the Conference, in and out of the church, for the purpose of showing love and acceptance to men and women caught up by the HIV epidemic, many of whom had never been told that God loved them. In his ministry David has saved many souls and offered comfort and the Good News of God’s Love to thousands of people. I don’t know too many people who have so blatantly lived the Gospel.

Rev. Linda Carter more than 3 years ago


Since our judicial council has determined that being in a same sex marriage proves that he is a self-avowed practicing homosexual how could that charge be dismissed? I smell a whitewash coming.

Kevin more than 3 years ago

Why stay?

Good grief! When will the UMC stop preying upon innocent people?

Frankly, I do not know why Meredith and other loving individuals remain with the UMC. I left years ago due to all the hate messages pronounced by the homophic right-wing; having all their 'love' enshrined in the Book of Discipline was more than I could bear.

Why stay?

Ben U more than 4 years ago

Bureaucracy at Ecclesiastical Speed

Go hum. Another 5 yrs to resolve Mereidith while he on payroll.

Blake White more than 4 years ago