Religion Scholars Turn Activist in the Shadow of Trump



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Shadow of Trump

There are an awful lot of Trump voters where I attend church

Kevin more than 4 years ago


So sad we have people like these. Where were they when Obama preached racist agendas and destroyed much of America. I praise the LORD every day for a man like Trump even though he was not my 1st selection. He is helping bring America back and helping to stop the downward Christian trend we have. Can only imagine how terrible things would have been if Clinton was in office who is even more evil then Obama.

Dale Baruth more than 4 years ago

There's no evidence....

....Obama preached racist agendas. America is far from "destroyed," so far. Trump, despite our differences, I believe means well, but he has done little or nothing to influence religion. Downward trends in church membership as a whole remain unchanged, and even if they did, it would not mean much at all. As for Clinton, the assertion she is somehow "evil" is not bourne out by facts. Like all politicians, Trump and Cruz, included, and all of us, every person is a mix of good and evil. Politicians are useful in affecting policies; as spiritual leaders, not so much. If nothing else, Trump's non-cognizance of the Christian doctrine of seeking personal forgiveness, negates any assertion he has had some spiritual effect. Moreover, evangelical support of Trump as damaged the evangelical brand, revealing them as the mercenary seekers of political power they covet.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago


Well let's see "in practice few conservative religious scholars attend the annual gathering. If they were present over the four days of meetings, they were largely silent as Trump was denounced as a danger to the values of free inquiry, diversity, inclusion and respect." SO what this in essence means as that a group of like-minded scholars from liberal schools of religion and seminaries gather together to ease the pain of progressives while evangelical churches and scholars focus on a Bible-based religious education and grow their congregations while bringing the lost and broken to Christ. And you seem to be incapable of understanding why liberal main-stream protestant churches are losing ground! Humm.....

Jeff more than 4 years ago

These assertions have been debunked

....many, many times. Yes, raw numbers of losses of memberships have been documented in the liberal mainline churches over the last 50nor so years, Around 1970, Newsweek ran a cover story entitled "Billy Graham and the Surging Southern Baptists." At the time, the SBC was indeed growing, primarily in wealthy suburbs. But since then, much as changed and the SBC is hemorhaging just as Mainliners did. There's growth among Assemblies of God and Pentecostalists but it is primarily from formerly unchurched people. And there has been little evidence ever that Mainline losses primarily found homes in right-wing churches. On the contrary, most who leave the mainlines do so through death, and are not replaced, and most of the rest become unchurched.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago