<i>Women of Color Scholars</i>
A 2006 greeting card celebrating Women of Color Scholars captures the vibrancy of the program that since its founding in 1989 has transformed seminaries and universities around the world. Pictured are (top row, from left) Tumani Mutasa Nyajeka, Velma Love, Pamela Lightsey, Beauty Rosebery Maenzanise, Cheryl Anderson, Boyung Lee, Anne Joh, Namsoon Kang, and Debra Mubashsir-Majeed, and (bottom row, from left) Youtha Hardman-Cromwell, Yar D. Gonway-Gono, Linda Thomas, Rosetta Ross, Ai Ra Kim, Traci West, Seong Hee Kim. (Image courtesy of the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History.)

Women Lead Way in Expanding Church Scholarship