Pennsylvania Pastor to Fight for Clergy Credentials

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no time for study

“As one church of Jesus Christ, we must commit ourselves to engage in ongoing prayer and reflection, sensitive, peaceful dialogue and diligent study, so that we can better understand the needs and concerns of LGBT members and their broader community and so that we can more effectively and lovingly minister to all people in the name of Christ.” Good luck with that. Once upon a time, the Discipline said we were seeking the best knowledge available to deepen our understanding of human sexuality. Then the conservatives removed it. Now we just follow Moses. I think he'd be embarrassed about that. So would Paul, and John Wesley and Jesus.

jeff more than 7 years ago

The Right Wing Wants Anything but That

In their publication "Good News" the panjandrums of the right-wing movement within United Methodist insist we've talked about this enough for fifty years (well, almost, at least, since Stonewall's 50th anniversary will come in 2019) and we haven't convinced them yet, so we should accept that we ain't a-goin' to. I'm just about ready to move on to a denomination not under the thrsall of an extremist caucus, but stuff like Schaefer's situation gives me hope. We are to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable, and who are more comfortable than the smug bullies who demand all have a mid-19th Century understanding of human sexuality? Nope, I'm wired and inspired by the prophetic witness of heroes like Schaefer. so fasten your seat belts, turn on the juice, and cut the damn thing loose!

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

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