Giving What You Don't Have To Someone Who Doesn't Want It




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Beautiful and wise words

Thank you for your shared wisdom.

Meg more than 1 year ago

Now what was THAT supposed to mean?

Do you wonder why your pews are nearly empty? Do you wonder why young people do not want to hear what is preached on Sunday morning? You, who are pastors must speak of issues, you cannot mention names, of course. The issues are poverty, inequality, voter suppression, suppression of minorities, the eroding of women's reproductive rights, gerrymandering, people with darker skin being unable to vote, or if they vote to be forced to wait for seven hours in line to vote. These are the issues that will get the attention of your members. They know the old Bible stories and do not need to hear them, again. They need support from the pulpit that their everyday concerns are addressed, not solved, only the government can do that. However, concerns of TODAY must be addressed in the pulpit. Do that and your pews will fill.

Robert & Carla Skidmore more than 2 years ago

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