Let Us Be the Church



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And how can we be the church

When we can not even agree on the definition of God-ordained marriage? What message do we have for the people when we cannot even agree on whether or not the church is about the transformation of the world one person at a time or transformation of the world through social justice initiatives? I am tired of a church that is full of conflicting messages that cancel each other out.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

Church for the Cosmos

I welcome and appreciate the thought in this article. I only wish that it included a clear recognition of the healing of relationship of humanity with the earth. Thomas Berry calls that most urgent matter the "third mediation"--the 1st being the human-divine relationship/mediation, the 2nd being the human-human mediation and the 3rd being the current critical engagement of humanity with the plant in realization of the communion of all things. I highly recommend Berry's THE CHRISTIAN FUTURE AND THE FATE OF EARTH.

Daniel Taylor Benedict more than 4 years ago

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