Seminary Education: Not Just for Pastors Anymore



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Seminary Education is not just for pastors

I am saddened and dismayed at the seemingly lack of awareness and viability of the role and ministry of the ordained deacon of the UMC in this article. Here are three UMC seminary deans and the associate general secretary and head of the Division of Ordained Ministry at GBHEM all appearing to support the notion that seminary education and ordination is to prepare someone for pastoral ministry in the local church setting. Many ordained deacons do not fall into that category and in fact serve to connect congregations to ministries within the community. Why was there no mention of seminary preparation for those to be ordained as deacons even mentioned here? It is entirely possible those students who enter seminary with a sense of call from God but do not resonate with pastoral leadership in the local church are indeed being called into the ministry of the ordained deacon. I do pray these seminaries foster an atmosphere where such awareness and discernment can be explored.

Rev. Susan Worrell, Deacon more than 7 years ago

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