The Costs of Church Trials



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church trials

You forgot to ask, what is the cost of not having a trial... maybe we should simply toss the book and discipline and do the "judges thing?" Remember, everybody did what was right in his/her own eyes.

Charles Whatley more than 5 years ago

Cost of trials

There have been a few $100,000 trials. The big costs came from high dollar law firms hired to assist counsel for the church (and the presiding bishop). They knew nothing of UMC church polity, so they generated extravagant legal expenses to educate themselves.

Jim Allen more than 5 years ago

Cost of church trials

Dear Clergy, you joined the UMC and you knew the rules and book of order going into ministry. So it's real simple, follow the rules then there won't be any "expensive" trials. If you don't like the rules you shouldn't have joined the UMC--or are you in it just for the money and the "perks"? Just wondering...

Dave more than 5 years ago

About church trials and the cost.

Dear Dave, During the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s, many, MANY clergy went against the book of discipline because they knew the Methodist Church needed to change. Should they just have either followed the rules or joined another denomination? Remember Dave....Jesus was an instrument of change, not a leader who put people on trial because they didn't follow the RULES set forth by MAN!! Do you get perks and/or free Tupperware for following the Book of Discipline? JUST WONDERING??!!

Dana more than 5 years ago

Church Trials

Thanks Dana, Your right Jesus never put anybody on trial for man made rules, but he put a lot pharisees and sadduccees on trial (the clergy of his day) for not following God's rules. Remember the ones He instituted at Mnt Sinai--not Moses. Jesus follows those to the T. However, if the book of discipline is simply man made--with no scripture for support then i would definitely bail out if I were you. However if you want to discuss exegetical differences that's fine, but don't accuse the BOD of simply being made up by man--by the way I do like tupperware--anything oil based is great!

Dave more than 5 years ago

Did Jesus Obey the Rules

....which were imposed on the Hebrews by the Pharisees and the scribes? If he had acted with your concerns in mind the Sermon on the Mount would have consisted of but three words: "Obey your betters."

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

trial costs

And what is the cost of not doing these trials. Organizational chaos. Look at the Episcopal church. More than 40 million spent on lawsuits. Rapidly declining membership. Bitter divisions. Out of communion with most of the world's Anglicans. Go ahead. Do that analysis. See where it takes you.

Kevin more than 5 years ago


The Episcopal Church USA is doing quite well, thank you, and rubbing their hands with anticipation should UMCers who favor acting justly flee there. The "divisions" are magnified by right-wing sources to fool the gullible. They are still in the Anglican Communion, albeit with their hand slapped ever so slightly. Membership in all organized religion, with the exceptions of the Pentecostal sects and a handful of others, is declining in large part because of the irrelvance to the younger generations of anti-science and puritan fantasies. I do not work in church as an act of marketing. Focus grouped efforts in "church planting" are by and large failures. By your analysis we may as well become Scientologists.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

Cost of trials

Episcopal Church
Avg Sunday attendance 2003; 858,589 2012; 679,923
Baptized members 2003; 2,433,340 2012; 2,066,710
With a median church size of 150 do the math and see how many churches have closed. As to those Africans somewhere around 40 million out of 120 million Anglicans are out of communion with the Episcopal Church. Little bit more than a hand slap. If this is your idea of doing quite well then you and I are living in different worlds.

Kevin more than 5 years ago

Church Trials

I was a member of the NEAC Committee on Investigation for one quadrennium. We considered one complaint during my tenure (not GLBT related) which was eventually settled without our having a trial. However, in addition to the conference's costs, committee members traveled to and from the conference office to consider the charge. Because of the costs in time, travel, etc., I decided not to accept re-appointment to the committee after my term was completed.

J. Ronald Boucher more than 5 years ago



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