Top Court to Look at UMC Rulings on Gay-Related Statements

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It's way past time...

...that we drop that demeaning phrase "practicing homosexual." The term itself is, when carefully analyzed, emblematic of the right-wing's articulated willful ignorance on the subject of human sexuality. Homosexuality is an orientation, an essence, not a "practice". The use of the term is a poor reflection on the UMC and as such does not honor Christ. It is offialese hate speech.

CBS in the early 1970s presented a short-lived situation comedy about men in prison called "On The Rocks". Among others it featured Rick Hurst who later was Cledus on "The Dukes of Hazard". At one point Hurt's character - who was sort of a pleasant, simple-minded fellow, inquired of his cellmates, "Just what is a 'practicing homosexual,' anyway?"

One replied, "Someone who doesn't know how to do it right."

By that measure, Rob Renfroe and the rest of the right-wing United Methodists are certainly "practicing theologians."

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago