Tweeters Blast SW Texas Over Revoking Lesbian's Deacon Candidacy



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Mary Ann Kaiser

I find it interesting that Kaiser's perception differs from what the Board reportedly said. IE Kaiser is quoted to say that the decision was "because I identify as a lesbian" (the key word, I suggest, being 'identify'). Whereas the Board is quoted to say that the decision was because she is a "self-avowed practicing homosexual" (key word, I suggest, being 'practicing'). What you call yourself is not the same thing as whether you actually commit the sin that is the focus of Romans 1.

Tom Kentwell more than 8 years ago

one sided

It seems that your coverage is completely biased against Church doctrine, tradition, teachings, and values.

Robert Turk more than 8 years ago

Event was focus

The focus of this article was the social media event itself, which is a new medium of expression for The United Methodist Church. We'll be happy to publish an article if anyone from the Southwest Texas Conference leadership wishes to write an article explaining the Board of Ordained Ministry's rationale behind revoking a candidate's certification without an interview or hearing as required by the Book of Discipline.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 8 years ago