Two bishops differ on same-sex union



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Who can be a 'disciple of Jesus Christ?'

Dear Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett, My guess is that you would allow those two gay men, who are members of a United Methodist Church, to sing in the choir, play an instrument during worship, help in the kitchen or serve meals, even be ushers, and, certainly, submit financial support!!!!!!!!
But you would deny them full inclusion. They obviously are baptized members. You will notice that there are no footnotes to the printed baptismal service saying "If, upon reaching the age of reason you realize that you were born with a same-gender orientation, this baptism becomes null and void." Much to your surprise, apparently, Jesus Christ has many,many disciples who are not heterosexual, who love Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit--who actually have OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, OPEN DOORS, who actually listen to Holy Spirit and know that Jesus meant what He said when He told His followers that He was sending Holy Spirit to teach us truths He did not have time to teach us while He was walking among us. Too many LGBT United Methodists have left the Church because of the unwelcoming LAW you follow. God created us all as we are. I understand that you see yourself as heterosexual. Please understand that there are around ten percent of us
human beings who see ourselves as lesbian, gay, bi, or trans----made this way by the same God who made you the way you are. We love our Creator as much as you love your Creator, and love Jesus as much as you do and follow and serve Him----some of us IN the church in spite of what the church says about us, having grown up in the church decades before this hurtful law was made(!), and many of us outside the church because we don't like hurtful, un-Godly laws.
Many State governments, by court rule or by legislative rule, have approved civil marriages for gay and lesbian couples--equally to straight couples. I live for the day when the church I grew up in will carefully listen to Holy Spirit and realize that lesbian and gay couples want to open the "good gift of sexuality" and have their unions blessed surrounded by family and friends led by their pastor.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago