Baltimore-Washington Clergy OK Two LGBTQ Persons for Ordination



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Lack of integrity

How does one make a vow before God that you have no intention of keeping and then believe that you are a Christian?

Virginia more than 2 years ago

over and done

If this doesn't send the message that we must separate nothing will. The fight is over and time to divide in peace. There will be no “ridiculous one church” plan now or ever!

Tracy more than 2 years ago


So why did we spend millions of dollars to hold a special conference if progressives were planning to do what they want all along? I think tradionalists should probably wake up and realize that this war has been lost. Not lost due to numbers, because the laity is clearly more traditionalist than the elitist leaders in the UMC; however, the bishops and out of touch clergy have made their decision they are going to rule from the top down, no more votes needed. They already tried to tip the scale in favor of the one church plan. Since that failed, now they just plan to ignore the vote because it didn't go their way. Traditionalists would be best to simply leave the UMC now. The money shouldn't matter anymore, this is about principle. The progressives who have taken over the UMC have zero principle, zero respect for the laity, and many of them are new age atheists who will sink the UMC anyway whether we're in the boat or not.

Daniel more than 2 years ago


It's one thing to disagree; it's quite another for the leaders of our Church to not follow its own legitimately determined rules. Their refusal to recognize a legitimate decision by GC illuminates where they intend to go with schism. They have determined that God was not at work at GC, that the majority of the UMC is wrong about the Church's teaching, and that they have no intent to seek a gracious splitting of the institution.

These leaders simply do not have the authority to make this decision for the Church. What is the line in the sand on this rule-breaking? Are any and all standards subject to nullification by leaders and and boards who have no authority to set those standards? Where does it end? By the nullification standards now being practiced it appears that no standards and rules have to be followed. If you are a leader and if you disagree with the church's rules- well, just don't follow them. Anarchy now rules the UMC.

td more than 2 years ago


Of course they did. Two more people to purge. Let's see them try that after 1 January.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

No Consequences

I'm sure they will and nothing will done. Are traditionalist Methodists going to learn that progressives play by different rules, rules for radicals. They will resist until they get their way or we leave.

Daniel more than 2 years ago