Survey Results 3 of 4: Changes to the Global Structure

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There is no right or wrong in the UMC

There is only completely different understandings of Christianity and the church’s mission. American traditionalists and Africa have the same perspective. It is only natural that they would work together. Centrist and progressives are realizing they have more in common with each other so they are teaming up. The only thing wrong with this is it has caused the UMC to become a war zone because it has degenerated into conflicting theological factions jockeying for position and control. That is the big picture problem that is not being effectively dealt with. The only reason we are angry and frustrated with each other is because we are trying to occupy the same space. Neither faction is going to change their mind or simply fade away.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Survey says

What I take away from this is that there is little difference between a Centrist and a Progressive. Not that I ever thought there was. I also find it curious that Progressives seem to think that our votes should be tied to our financial contributions. Looks like they would not mind a poll tax on our African delegates or simply disenfranchise them.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

It's the outcome, not the funding

"One wonders if the delegates outside the US were voting in a way Progressives and Centrists wanted, instead of with the Traditionalists, if these results would flip across the board?"

And I think that's exactly true - and that the Traditionalists might argue from the other side (if they were the ones supplying the funding and yet losing the votes).

Not sure what the best answer would be, because people are people. The status quo isn't sustainable for a lot of reasons.

JR more than 1 year ago

Poll results three

My first career job after college was in marketing for Fruit of the Loom during the Underoos days.

At Fruit I learned how to write effective copy. Another word for male bovine excrement.

This push poll and the "analysis" brought about the authors' intended results. I congratulate the authors you have achieved you goal. Y'all have a future in marketing and advertising.

Thank you.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago