Bishops' Salaries and African UMC Economics



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No problem with African Bishops

I’ve got no problem supporting African Bishops who follow and enforce the BOD. I refuse to financially support an Episcopal fund that financially supports American Bishops who openly defy General Conference and our BOD

John more than 2 years ago

Jerry Kulah..

He was widely quoted at GC2019 regarding the African contingent voting.

He's literally the only African name I'm aware of, simply because of the quotes he offered.

Finding he's connected to the WCA (and the interesting aspect of not being elected to Bishop) is interesting info.

JR more than 2 years ago

African bishops

At least one email clergy colleague of mine in Africa (whom I no longer connect with), used to tell me that the bishop of his conference would ask for a "cut" of any of the mission money that came through his office designated for projects in the area. I don't know if this is true or not, but many of our central conference clergy and laity in some places are diminished by the incredible power given to bishops there.

PSM more than 2 years ago


No human has power except that which you give them

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago

Corruption is the name of the game

Congratulations to Dr. David Scott for finally getting to the nub of the power issues in African United Methodism.
But he fails to name and document the pervasive culture of corruption the afflicts money transfers and expenditures in Africa. Perhaps because he can't or won't blow the whistle for the GBOGM that must work in that environment.
A former deputy general secretary of GCFA tells of a thousand dollar donation that made it to Liberia as a thousand Liberian dollars (a 50% cut for the intermediary!), and then said that corruption is just the way it is in Africa.
Unresolved complaints against Bishop Daniel Wandabula are just the tip of the Methodist iceberg.
American United Methodists have innocently created and perpetuated power dynamics that allow African bishops to use their undue influence to set the direction of the General Conference by manipulating delegate elections and influencing delegate voting.
It's obvious that, while they have no formal GC vote, African bishops are calling the shots--in cahoots with 'the usual suspects' in the American R&R Coalition.
Sadly, their hubris @ GC 2019 has created unintended consequences: they can't control the outcome of the American 'rebellion' against the Traditionalist Plan, leading to chaos and unpredictable organizational disruption.
Because they hold the cards to GC majority votes in 2020, African bishops must now decide whether their overreach in 2019 has invoked Colin Powell's Pottery Barn Rule (you break it, you bought it), or whether they must reconsider their embrace of the Traditionalist Plan at the cost of breaking the United Methodist Church.

Wayne more than 2 years ago

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